Falcon-Software 2016 Fall Update


November 24th, 2016 News Release — Now that winter 2016 is nipping at our heels, we would like to share with our clients and partners the highlights of what Falcon-Software has been up to this fall.

Falcon-Software Launches commercetools.NET SDK

As a certified integration partner for commercetools, the leading provider of cloud-based eCommerce technology, we kicked off this fall by announcing the launch of the commercetools.NET SDK, a .NET library for consuming the commercetools API, developed using the .NET 4.5.1 framework. What does that mean for commercetools users? With this new capability, .NET developers will be able to easily integrate the commercetools API. The SDK was written by Falcon-Software, as commercetools did not offer an SDK for the .NET framework. The commercetools.NET SDK is the basis of a module which could be built for any ASP.NET CMS that can be extended to platforms such as Kentico, Sitefinity, Sitecore, Akumina, SharePoint, Episerver, and other .NET Web CMS solutions.

Stephen MedveClient and Partner Development Director at Falcon-Software stated: “With content management and e-commerce being the backbone systems to delivering customer engagement, we are excited to be able to develop the .NET SDK for commercetools. We see them as the future of e-commerce to allow digital marketing teams the ability to ensure that they can create unique, personalized commerce experiences. We created the .NET SDK so that organizations can leverage their large proven .NET content management systems to build engaging sites, and apply commerce when and wherever needed, not having to conform to a traditional commerce experience.”

“We are excited to partner with Falcon-Software on providing a real enterprise commerce platform to the .NET community,” said Arthur LawidaPresident of commercetools, US. "Falcon is a leader in digital experience technology development in the .NET community and we look forward to supporting them to enable leading edge, innovative commerce experiences in the .NET marketplace."

Heather MacFayden Weighs In On Sitecore XP 8.2

Clutch recently listed Falcon-Software as a Top Sitecore Partner Developer. Hence CMS-Connected, the content management industry’s headline news, articles, and commentary source, reached out to Heather MacFayden, Vice President and Director of Production at Falcon-Software, to ask how Sitecore stands out and who would get the most benefit from using Sitecore, as Heather has more than 20-years’ experience working with many Web CMS platforms.

According to Heather, Sitecore is a very powerful product, and the platform requires support both in licensing and in resources. She believes that clients with dedicated resources are going to get more out of Sitecore than clients with resources that are stretched thin. Another great pain-point discussed was the digital maturity of the client. From the experience working with a variety of clients, she recommends Sitecore to those who need to manage multiple web properties, support multiple languages, and require more granular security as well as deployment processes due to their complex governance models. In short, how she puts it is that “you get out of Sitecore what you put into Sitecore.”

sitecore-8-2.pngShe also addressed the biggest challenge of the previous version that Sitecore aims to fix with the release of Sitecore Experience Platform 8.2: “Traditionally Sitecore has a strong developer focused product but with the Experience Accelerator, they are putting more power into the business users hands,” Heather said. “We are excited to see how this will help streamline the whole development process and speed up the time to market.”

Falcon'S President Attends Kentico 404 Conference

As a top-tier global partner for the Kentico CMS platform, Gary Eisenstein, President and Chief Strategist at Falcon-Software, attended the Kentico 404 Conference, held at the Mirage this year in Las Vegas. What made this event unique was the theme of the conference, as the attendees were asked to drag their past mistakes out from under the rug and bring them to the forefront. Kentico believes that failure and mistakes are awesome learning opportunities and provide great motivation to evolve.

As a lead sponsor of the CMS-Connected Show and a Gold Certified partner for Kentico, there was another great reason for us to attend the event. On the last day of the conference, the CMS-Connected Show welcomed a panel of well-known expert guests to discuss how to best bridge the gap between the sales and marketing teams. The live audience was highly engaged and had listened the debate intently. Through a show of hands and the use of an innovative app, Sli.do, they also hit their questions and became a part of this entertaining and educational production.


The event was also a great opportunity for us to engage with Kentico’s emerging community through our role as a member of the Kentico Partner Advisory Board and as the only authorized Kentico CMS Solutions Provider for Microsoft.

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