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Web CMS Implementation
Windy City Wire Case Study

Falcon-Software developed and deployed a Web CMS project for Windy City Wire using the Kentico CMS platform.

ABOUT Windy City Wire

Windy City Wire began in 1994, and since then leads the way in low-voltage wire innovation industry. All products are made in USA, allowing 100% quality of their products. As a company, they do not want to be known as just selling cable; they want to provide all their stakeholders with comprehensive cable management solutions. Moreover, they believe in offering outstanding levels of customer service, to ensure customers are 100% satisfied with their service from Windy City Wire.  


The main requirements of the project were a strong and easy to use content management system, a new navigation system that would allow users to easily navigate through their vast product catalog, from any page in the site. They also wanted a high impact design with call to actions, give more prominence to the Training Videos and integrate the site with the eCommerce secure site. A long-term strategy involves creating a streamlined, mobile friendly site.
Windy City Wire also strongly believes in providing their customers with outstanding customer services, with this in mind they wanted to design a website that easily allowed their customers to contact a Windy City Wire representative at anytime. 


One of the challenges was to come up with a design that satisfied WCW need for a simple, strong and action oriented Home Page, which would provide users with an easy way to get additional information, and would allow Windy City Wire the flexibility needed to maintain it. Because of the number of items in their catalog, dynamically building the navigation had performance challenges that had to be addressed. Integration with the eCommerce site was an area where Falcon successfully worked with the provider.

The website was implemented using Kentico as the content management system. The high impact design in Home page included a rotating banner, linking users to specific sections of the site. Additional links to relevant sections were available through call to actions. Falcon also included a flyout to provide a convenient way to contact WCW and live chat functionality persistent through the site. Usability was improved by allowing users immediate access to product pages based on category and from both the main horizontal navigation and the left navigation in the catalog. Videos were organized by categories and a commenting system was put in place. Falcon-Software worked with the eCommerce solution provider to seamlessly integrate the public portion to the secure area.


Below are just some of the many reasons why Windy City Wire chose Kentico CMS:

  • Easy-to-use-interface – Kentico allows easy to use for non-technical users. 
  • Functionality – Kentico offers out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft SharePoint Serve.
  • Technical – Kentico is built on a robust Microsoft ASP.NET/SQL Server platform.
  • Mobile Layout – Kentico offers mobile website capabilities. 
  • Security – Kentico offers advanced layers of permissioning. Ie. Global administrator may be denied access to the Site Manager.

RESULTS FOR Windy City Wire

The Windy City Wire team now has a platform that allows them to constantly grow and provide their customers with endless support. Further, their website has helped the company in many other areas:

  • Enables users to easily navigate around the website.
  • Allows users with the ability to use an ecommerce secure site comfortably.
  • Engages users on all different platforms: Mobile, IPad and Desktop.

Overall, the website supported Windy City Wires goals and exceeded their expectations.


No matter our request or business needs, the creative team at Falcon-Software investigates all possibilities and strives for the best results in both design and function, producing the best solution for our website. We value our partnership with Falcon-Software and view them as a critical member of our team.
Lauryn Toczylowski, Director of Marketing, Windy City Wire Cable & Technology Products

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