Falcon-Software… Thriving at the Quarter Century Mark

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, MAY 1, 2018 — PRESS RELEASE — Reflecting back over the last 25-years, there’s been many success stories and a few blunders as well, which have all helped to shape Falcon-Software in its digital transformation from a one-sku software product company to an enterprise-level services organization, deploying IT solutions for clientele across North America.

When asked, what does the future hold for Falcon-Software? The answer has never wavered since the company’s inception in 1993… “Our core business strategy is to never lose sight of the client’s needs by cultivating a strong customer-centric process while providing services that offer a strong return on investment. Get that right and the future will take care of itself”, states Gary Eisenstein, Falcon-Software Founder, President & Chief Strategy Officer. “And that’s exactly how its unfolded over the last 25-years for us. But I can say this about our future… we are in very good hands with the up-and-coming talent we have infused over the last 36-months, and I’m very excited to see our company grow under the next wave of future company leadership”, says Eisenstein.
Many employees have come and gone over the years, and quite a few have stayed on for lengthy tenures, including Heather MacFayden, Falcon-Software Vice President now in her 24th year with the company. “I’ve been so busy deploying web projects over the last two-decades, I haven’t had the time to find another job”, MacFayden says with a smirk. 

Our Story

Founded in a small bachelor suite apartment, Falcon-Software, at the time consisting of founders Gary Eisenstein and Paul Doherty with a 24/7 entrepreneurial focus on launching an e-catalog program called CableSmart. Back in 1993, the Internet was still in its infancy and business websites were not yet a standard tool, so CableSmart was delivered through the mail on floppy disks. The software cataloged thousands of different types of electronic wire and cable products, complete with specifications, images, detailed searching features and product comparisons and primarily used as a purchasing tool, helping users find and buy the right product for any particular application. The software sold for just under $100 and was upgraded annually. CableSmart customers included AT&T, NASA, Ford Motor Company, ADT, Hitachi, US Army and Boeing, to name just a few and in early 1995, Falcon-Software landed a distribution deal worth $100,000/US with Texas based distributor Houston Wire & Cable.

In late 1995, Falcon-Software received a call from a large wire and cable manufacturer in New York, asking us if we could create a customized e-catalog exclusively for their wire and cable products. We jumped at the opportunity, which was our first foray into the software services model. The custom e-catalog business grew through similar requests, rapidly outperforming CableSmart revenues and transforming the company from a product-based business to a services-based business in 1997. Then in late 1997, history repeated itself with an eerily similar call from that same New York manufacturer asking us if we could build them a website with an online catalog. Although we had never built a website other than our own simple line card site, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to grow the business.

For the next 2-years Falcon-Software designed and deployed dozens of websites specializing in the B2B marketspace, and as our portfolio grew so did our service offerings including a home-grown web content management portal that our customers used to make their own small site updates. At this point in time, dominant Web CMS players such as Sitecore and Kentico did not exist and CMS was still a confusing buzzword for a lot of organizations. After realizing that we could not keep up with CMS features and functionality requested by our customers and having the desire to remain a service-based company, Falcon-Software partnered with a New Hampshire start-up CMS vendor Ektron that offered a robust solution, opening up a vast amount of opportunities for us through CMS integration services. Business was so good, Ektron awarded us the entire Canadian region for integration contracts and partner of the year awards for our work throughout North America. In 2005, Falcon-Software partnered with two more CMS vendors Kentico and Sitecore to better service the marketspace and help build our reputation as one of the top Web CMS integration firms in North America.

Since our first website project in 1997, we have been fortunate to have worked on many interesting web projects for such companies as the Canadian Armed Forces, IBM, Microsoft, Brandt, ASPCA, Remington Arms, Ingram Micro, Texas Instruments, Union Gas, Globalstar… and yes, we still have a few wire and cable clients in our portfolio. Although today, we no longer deploy Ektron projects since its acquisition and platform merger with Episerver in 2015, Falcon-Software continues to deploy Kentico and Sitecore, and have also added Web CMS platforms Agility and Progress Sitefinity to our list of vendor partners. In addition, we work with eCommerce, CRM, digital marketing and DAM platforms, offering a more enterprise-level solution for our clientele, which has translated to perfect digital experiences that will help fuel Falcon-Software’s continued success well into the future.

“I’ve been so very fortunate to have spent the last 25-years side-by-side with some of the most talented and hardworking people in the industry, making me look like a genius at times. Without their dedication and cultivating expertise, I highly doubt the company would have stayed in the game this long. Looking towards our future, I remain optimistic with a continued entrepreneurial spirit and focus of carefully listening to our customers and adapting to their ever-evolving needs”, Eisenstein says. 

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