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VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, June 1, 2018 — PRESS RELEASE —Recently Falcon-Software partnered with Progress Sitefinity on a new level. There was a requirement for more of Falcon-Software’s clients requesting training as well as Sitefinity requesting partners to start providing training. This was a win win for both parties. With this opportunity, Falcon-Software began planning a fresh approach to Sitefinity training. Starting with, what does the average business user update on their website? What is their CMS skill level? This is where Falcon-Software’s veteran, Wendy Cardiff came in.

Cardiff brings 12+ years as a Project Manager and has successfully planned, produced and executed hundreds of projects with numerous clients in a variety of markets.

“There is a common need from each of my clients when it comes to content updates. They want them done efficiently, effectively and ASAP. They want to do it themselves, but don’t have the training and think it’s out of their wheelhouse to learn it.”

In the world of Content Management Systems, in most cases content changes can be done without a Developer or Designer involved. This opens the everyday content updates to a broader field of editors. When Cardiff planned out the Sitefinity Business User training, keeping in mind past experiences of what the average business user would need to know to feel confident to make updates themselves. This paired with common teaching strategies the training curriculum took form.

“The best way of learning about anything is by doing.” – Richard Branson

Training curriculum is based around 3 strategies – See it, learn it, do it. These 3 strategies happen in each of the 5 sections in the training session. Instead of just sitting back and watching a training session Cardiff has integrated labs into the training process. Within minutes of seeing and learning new functionality, the trainees get their opportunity to get their hands dirty in their own Sitefinity sandboxes, pun intended!

Training sessions are outlined and booked on the Progress Sitefinity website. Business User training is offered multiple times throughout the month with the option of online classroom training sessions or onsite training sessions.

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