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Falcon-Software architects, develops and deploys complex enterprise-commerce solutions with a more holistic approach, which includes Omnichannel, e-marketing and merchandizing, and content commerce. With experience using commercetools, Kentico, and Sitecore Commerce, we can help provide you with expert consultation and deployment services for all your eCommerce needs.

  • Omni-Channel

    Omni-Channel Integration

    • B2B & B2C Customer Experience Consultation
    • Integration Deployment Across All Channels and Device Types
  • E-Marketing & Merchandizing

    E-Marketing & Merchandizing

    • Campaign Consultation, Deployment and Marketplace Integration
    • Unique Digital Commerce Design Experience
  • B2B Commerce & Marketplaces

    B2B Commerce & Marketplaces

    • Seamless Order and Re-order Experience
    • Focused Customer Brand Retention

Multichannel vs Omnichannel

In the past, brick-and-mortar retailers have opened new digital retail channels such as webstores or mobile shopping applications to offer their customers additional services. Even if this strategy, usually referred to the multichannel business model, opens up new opportunities, it also has a major shortcoming: Most of the time, there is no real integration between the channels, so that a customer who has purchased something online cannot be identified in a local store and vice versa. This leads to a frustrating shopping experience which in turn has a negative impact on revenue and brand perception.

In an Omnichannel model, however, the perspective changes and retailers focus on the customer experience. They interconnect all their retail channels in order to deliver outstanding shopping experiences regardless of which touchpoint customers get in contact with. If done properly, customers can enjoy a high level of service and traverse retail channels without having a bad experience.

  • Mobile Commerce Applications
  • In-store Applications
  • App Stores & Mobile Marketplaces
  • Multichannel B2C Retail Systems
  • Direct-to-Consumer Platforms for Manufacturers
  • B2B eCommerce & Marketplaces
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Omnichannel Experience
  • Geo-Location
  • Responsive / Multistate
  • In Store
  • Personalization
  • eMarketing & Merchandizing

Falcon-Software is a certified integration partner for enterprise eCommerce solution commercetools, the world's leading providers of cloud-based eCommerce technology. Commercetools offers a highly flexible eCommerce platform that supports the diversity and fast pace of modern retail. With its API-first approach that decouples frontend user experience from backend processes, commercetools is the perfect basis for a wide range of B2C and B2B application scenarios – from classic webstore frontends to highly individualized shopping experiences across all retail channels and on all current and future devices. With commercetools, you focus on what you want and let Falcon-Software and commercetools handle the how.

the end of platforms as you know them

commercetools delivers purely cloud-based commerce technology to accelerate your business. Our platform is the ideal basis for an architecture built on Microservices and allows 100% flexibility and creativity for your eCommerce setup. commercetools enables you to deliver state-of-the-art B2B and B2C customer experiences while maximizing cost efficiency.

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When rolling out new retail channels, launching new marketing campaigns, or entering new markets, the last thing you want to worry about are flexibility or the resilience of your commerce platform. With commercetools you benefit from advanced technology that lets you create engaging shopping experiences for your customers and scales automatically.

Radically Improve Time-to-Market

As a cloud-based solution, commercetools gives you the speed to move quickly without restricting your creative freedom: With its revolutionary decoupled architecture, you can build highly individualized shopping experiences in only a fraction of time.

Decrease Cost

Building applications with commercetools requires considerably less implementation resources in contrast to conventional commerce platforms. Together with the benefits of our SaaS business model, this results in a much lower TCO for your commerce operations.

Enable Omnichannel

Integrating retail channels and providing the best customer experience at all touchpoints is the single biggest revenue opportunity for retailers. With commercetools platforms, you can manage your catalog, customer, and order-data from a centralized application.

Gain Flexibility

Are you stuck in long release cycles? Is new functionality taking forever to go to production? Commercetools is designed to make you more flexible and agile so that you can respond to changing market requirements immediately.

State-of-the art responsive frontend

  • Product presentation with high-resolution images
  • Cart and checkout functionality
  • Payment and shipping
  • My account section
  • Integrated search, facets and after-search navigation

Fully customizable user experience


On July 28th, Industry Analyst Scott Liewehr and CMS-Connected Host Tyler Pyburn welcomed Arthur Lawida, President at commercetools, to explore how ecommerce platforms are now offering content management and whether or not these platforms can offer enough to deliver a unique experience that builds loyalty, attracts repeat customers and cultivates customer advocacy.

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