Omni-Channel Ecommerce

Falcon-Software consults, designs, develops and deploys complex enterprise-commerce solutions with a more holistic approach, which includes omni-channel, e-marketing and merchandizing, and content commerce applications. We are certified and have experience using standalone eCommerce platforms commercetools and BigCommerce. Falcon-Software is also certified to deploy eCommerce modules found in the Kentico, Sitefinity and Sitecore WCM platforms. From classic webstore frontends to highly individualized shopping experiences across all retail channels and on all current and future devices, we can help provide you with expert consultation and deployment services for all your eCommerce needs.

We are certified integration partners for the following eCommerce platforms:


Our Specialized eCommerce Services:

  • B2B & B2C eCommerce Consultation
  • Deployment Across All Devices
  • Campaign Consultation
  • Unique Digital Commerce Designs
  • Seamless Order & Re-order Experience
  • Mobile Commerce Applications
  • In-store Applications
  • Multichannel B2C Systems
  • Focused Brand Retention
  • App Stores & Mobile Marketplaces
  • eMarketing & Merchandising
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Omni-channel Experience
  • Geolocation
  • B2B eCommerce & Marketplaces

Case Study


Multichannel vs Omni-Channel


In the past, brick-and-mortar retailers have opened new digital retail channels such as webstores or mobile shopping applications to offer their customers additional services. Even if this strategy, usually referred to the multichannel business model, opens up new opportunities, it also has a major shortcoming: Most of the time, there is no real integration between the channels, so that a customer who has purchased something online cannot be identified in a local store and vice versa. This leads to a frustrating shopping experience which in turn has a negative impact on revenue and brand perception.

In an Omni-channel model, however, the perspective changes and retailers focus on the customer experience. They interconnect all their retail channels in order to deliver outstanding shopping experiences regardless of which touchpoint customers get in contact with. If done properly, customers can enjoy a high level of service and traverse retail channels without having a bad experience.


Customers shop at brick and mortar stores


Customers shop online via eCommerce websites


Customers shop using multiple channels


Customers engage anywhere seamlessly

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