When it comes to ensuring user adoption of any new software system we deploy, training for our customers is paramount. Falcon-Software’s Training Services are focused on the clients individual needs with real case scenarios geared towards the users and content editors that are responsible for the day-to-day administration of content, updates and site changes. Falcon-Software’s certified trainers offer 3-program classes to best-suit your specific needs with the option of onsite or online training sessions. Falcon-Software’s training courses focus on ensuring users and site administrators learn how to perform their typical day-to-day tasks involved in creating and managing content, security, workflow and advanced editorial tasks. All training classes also include post-training online refresher sessions.

  • core online cms training

    Standard (6 hrs)

    Standard Web CMS training classes cover all the key operational functions that content editors and site administrators must know to manage their website. All of our training sessions are recorded for future reference. Available online only.

  • advanced cms training

    Advanced (12 hrs)

    Advanced Web CMS training classes are comprised of our Standard class, as well as additional time that can be used for optional topics, one-on-one sessions, or site-specific review and instruction. Available online and onsite.

  • custom cms training

    Custom Sessions

    As many clients have specific needs they, we are happy to create a customized program to meet your unique Web CMS training requirements.

Server Hosting Services:

More than just managed hosting, Falcon-Software offers managed infrastructure, performance & trusted security server hosting solutions to deliver your business-critical applications with shared, dedicated and in the cloud server solutions. Together with our server hosting partner Tenzing, we offer 99.999% availability and a one-hour hardware replacement guarantee, backed by an environment that includes enterprise class firewalls, intrusion protection systems and anti-virus protection for our network. We also provide a state-of-the-art physical security system, which includes biometric identity verification, zoned access, video monitoring and data center system redundancy, including zoned cooling, power, and fire suppression systems.

  • shared hosting

    Shared Hosting

    Falcon-Software offers shared servers to meet your standard hosting needs.

    Hosted on our multi-tiered Enterprise Class network, these servers provide the performance, security and reliability you need to host your high-end applications.

  • dedicated-hosting

    Dedicated Hosting

    Our dedicated server solutions are designed to ensure optimum performance levels in a secure environment at all times.

    Additionally, these solutions can be used as a foundation for larger site deployments as your needs or organization grow.

  • cloud hosting

    Cloud Hosting

    Falcon-Software’s cloud hosting solutions give you great flexibility and control over how environments are managed, allowing for increased responsiveness to any scenario.

    At any time you can activate or deactivate a server, increase your bandwidth to accommodate a new campaign, add a sub-site or failover server.

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