Fall Update

October 20th, 2017 — It seems like summer arrived a short time ago, but Fall is definitely here! Evening temperatures are cooler and the days are shorter. Falcon has been busy, in this update we will learn what Laura was up to in London, where Venus is heading to next and a heads up on an upcoming webinar with Stephen Medve, along with a great article by Gary Eisenstein exploring our Agility partnership.

Kentico London in Review

Our very own Laura Myers recently had the opportunity to travel to London and participate at Kentico’s “Get Your Business GDPR Ready” event. With less than a year to go, the GDPR stands to change data protection as we’ve known it for the past two decades for everyone, not just those in the EU as some have mistakenly assumed. Preparedness and understanding are paramount at this point, however, statistics have surfaced to show the staggeringly low percentage of businesses actively working on their compliance at the present time.

Tim Walters

Tim Walters Principal Strategist and Privacy Lead at The Content Advisory, Founding Partner of Digital Clarity Group and Contributing Analyst for the Content Marketing Institute was the main presenter. He spoke on how to adapt to the GDPR-era, and shared tips on surviving and thriving in the new environment. Along with how to transform your organization from a wolf (personal data predator) into a shepherd (trusted personal data steward).

David Komarek

The second presentation of the day was that of David Komarek, Product Owner at Kentico Software, gearing towards the Kentico’s perspective “You, Your CMS and GDPR”. Giving the audience an overview of the GDPR and what content management systems’ role is in making GDPR compliance easier to implement. David offered a sort of GDPR roadmap organizations could follow in their own compliance journey. Laura sat down with both keynotes for one-on one interviews. If you are interested in learning more please visit Tim Walters and David Komarek to view their interviews.

Sitecore Symposium

This year’s Sitecore Sysmposium kicks off Oct. 16 in Las Vegas, and if you’re among the many marketers, developers, partners and customers who rely on Sitecore for your web content management needs, this is a must-attend conference for you. Each year, the symposium offers excellent opportunities to learn about the latest and greatest Sitecore developments and releases, hear from experts about how they’re putting Sitecore to use and network with the huge group of attendees that flock to the four-day event.

Stephen and Venus will be attending this year’s Sitecore symposium and will be conducting interviews with Sitecore Exec along with partners and clients. Here’s a sneak peek at the line up for interviewees Venus will be conducting Mark Frost, CEO; Ryan Donovan, Sitecore SVP of Products; Scott Anderson, Sitecore CMO and many more… Visit Sitecore Sysmposium for a more updated list of speakers and event information.

Falcon, Kentico and Commercetools present...

The Future of Cloud-Based CMS

On November 2nd Stephen Medve VP of Falcon-Software along with Karol Jarkovsky VP of Products at Kentico and Arthur Lawida President of commercetools will be presenting a webinar on Why Cloud-Based CMS and eCommerce are Likely in Your Future. They will discuss the different flavors of the cloud and why 'True Cloud' leads to better digital success. They will cover the distinct advantages of a “headless” content plus commerce approach to doing business and why your on-premise solution may be a limiting factor.
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The CMS Industry Receives Some Northern Exposure

By Gary Eisenstein, President of Falcon-Software

agility CMS staff pic

I consider myself a lifelong audiophile (a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction) and as a proud Canadian, I always try to support the local market by purchasing audio products made in Canada. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of well-established high-end Canadian audio equipment manufacturers to choose from, some of the best globally respected brands as a matter of fact.

Unfortunately, not the same can be said for the web content management industry. Once you get past the biggest vendor OpenText, the pickings are slim for reputable WCM platforms coming out of the Great White North. So you can understand my excitement when we took a deep dive into Agility CMS earlier this year, and found a flexible, well-coded multi-channel platform that was built for the cloud and their Canadian-Eh!  This led to announcing on September 12, 2017 that Falcon-Software Company has become an Approved Agility Solution Partner.

"We're super excited to partner with Falcon-Software. With their many years of experience in Content Management, they truly understand the need to pick the right platform for the job and spend the time upfront doing proper platform configuration. That and their alignment with Agility's core values, give me great confidence in our partnership to provide only the best solutions to our customers."
Jon Voigt, CEO at Agility
Quick Facts:
Founded in 2002
Privately Held Corporation
Headquarters: Toronto, ON
Platform: ASP.NET
Deployment: Multi-Tenant Cloud SaaS

Agility was originally established in 2002 as Edentity Consulting by the founders, Jonathan Voigt and Michael Assad with a focus on custom development and systems integration services. In 2010 they refocused their attention on their Web CMS product a rebranded under the new name Agility Inc. The company has an impressive client portfolio, which includes Corus Entertainment, Hockey Canada, Cineplex, NHLPA, BlackBerry, Soul Pepper, Canadian Opera Company and Scotiabank.

Agility CMS is a multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service platform that is hosted entirely in Microsoft Azure Cloud. What I like about Agility CMS is that it did not transform into the cloud like so many other WCM vendors, rather it was born as a cloud-based platform… it’s in the platforms DNA. In 2015, Microsoft awarded Agility the title of Canadian Cloud Leader.

What also makes Agility unique in my opinion is that it supports a variety of database systems with an actual well-designed UI using a browser to access and manage content. No setup required as this is cloud hosted and being implemented on ASP.NET, which can be WebForms or MVC. The software also offers a fairly quick learning curve for .NET developers.

As far as features and functionality are concerned, I find Agility CMS to be similar to Sitecore’s Web Experience Manager. What stands out for me as a differentiator is their Online Ticketing solution, allowing users to sell, generate and redeem tickets. You can buy tickets online, use the mobile app, scan your phone, save points for free movies, etc. No surprise Cineplex jumped all over this platform.

CMS-Connected's Exclusive Interview with Agility

In March 2017, Laura Myers from CMS-Connected interviewed Jon Voigt at Agility for an exclusive – Agility CMS Provides Digital Peace of Mind. The video interview generated positive interest from our audience so we decided to run a follow up interview with Jon released in April 2017 – The Content Management System as a Central Hub

Falcon-Software CEO, Gary Eisenstein Reviews Agility CMS

In one of their most popular articles for 2017, Falcon-Software President and Chief Analyst Gary Eisenstein reviewed the market's current Top Solutions for eCommerce Platforms. Here's a review of Agility's CMS to add to that article's valuable insights:

Overall Evaluation

Features & Functionality: starstarstarstarno star Agility CMS has a robust list of system features and can be accessed from anywhere with no software/hardware to be installed. Also, new features and capabilities are built into Agility CMS monthly, and are rolled out to all users with no interruption to the platform's performance.

Pricing & ROI: starstarstarstarno star Although, Agility is best known as a small to mid-market solution, I would certainly have no problem recommending the software as a good-fit for enterprise-level candidates. The software is available in four versions: Basic - $250 per month, Pro - $500 per month, Enterprise - $1,000 per month, and Unlimited - $1,500 per month.

Integration & Deployment: starstarstarstarno star Agility CMS easily integrates with third-party platforms – including eCommerce tools, social networks, file storage, ad servers, etc. Although, Agility has an in-house deployment team, they are moving away from this model, focusing on broadening their integration partner channel.

Service & Support: starstarstarstarno star Agility provides customized support packages and ongoing training sessions, dependent on your requirements. Each Agility CMS client is assigned a dedicated account manager and receive a personalized experience based on their unique goals and objectives.

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