Our Process

Our iterative development process takes the best of both waterfall and agile development methodologies. Our process allows us the flexibility to customize our project management approach to each client’s unique technical requirements and business needs, while maximizing project timelines and reducing development costs.

Waterfall Methodology which might be more properly called the “traditional” approach, is a very linear approach and the most structured of the methods, stepping through requirements, analysis, design, coding, and testing in a strict, pre-planned, "all at once" sequence.

Agile Methodology is a specific type of Rapid Application Development, which is often implemented using Scrum. This methodology relies on iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams. The client also has frequent and early opportunities to see the work being delivered, and to make decisions and changes throughout the development process.

Our own hybrid method marries an in-depth discovery phase with an iterative development schedule. Borrowing concepts from continuous integration, development and deployment practices, our mantra is "test early, test often; deliver early, deliver often."

With an eye on the project’s critical path, the project schedule focuses on developing the clearly defined requirements first while concurrently investigating and defining the more complex or uncertain requirements. Features are developed, tested, and available to the client throughout the project lifecycle, allowing the clients to provide feedback often.

The end result is a process that allows continuous forward momentum, careful attention to schedules and budgets, nimble responses to change, and the delivery of a quality product.

Typical Project Team Structure

  • Account Manager

  • Managing Accounts
  • Customer Relations
  • Project Manager

  • Managing Tasks
  • Timelines & Budgets
  • Point of Contact
  • Multiple Developers

  • Implementation
  • System Architecture
  • Web Applications
  • Quality Control

  • Component Testing
  • Browser Testing
  • Release Tasks

Additional team members can always be added to any project depending on the client’s timeline requirements or project capacity needs. This allows our clients full access to Falcon-Software’s support specialists such as digital marketers, creative web designers, content management software trainers, SEO & SEM experts, content writers, social and mobile strategists, etc., which can be brought in at different stages of the project lifecycle.

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