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Falcon-Software Launches commercetools.NET SDK

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VICTORIA, British Columbia — July 18th, 2016 — Today, Falcon-Software Company, Inc. has announced the launch of commercetools.NET SDK, a .NET library for consuming the commercetools API, developed using the .NET 4.5.1 framework. The API of the commercetools platform provides an interface for programmatic access to the data stored on the commercetools platform and the associated functionality. With the new capability, .NET developers will be able to easily integrate the commercetools API into their .NET applications. The SDK was written by Falcon-Software in partnership with commercetools, as commercetools does not currently offer an SDK for the .NET framework.

The commercetools.NET SDK would be the basis of a module which could be built for any ASP.NET CMS that can be extended.  A commercetools module would be particularly useful for content management systems which do not provide an e-commerce module natively.

“With Content Management and E-Commerce being the backbone systems to delivering customer engagement for the Martech landscape. We are excited to be able to develop the .NET SDK for commercetools, as we see them as the future of e-Commerce to allow digital marketing teams the ability to ensure that they can create unique, personalized commerce experiences,” said Stephen Medve, Client and Partner Development Director. “We created the .NET SDK so that organizations can leverage their large proven .NET content management systems to build engaging sites, and apply commerce when and wherever needed, not having to conform to a traditional commerce experience.”

 “We are excited to partner with Falcon-Software on providing a real enterprise commerce platform to the .NET community,” said Arthur Lawida, President of commercetools, US. "Falcon is a leader in Digital Experience technology development in the .NET community and we look forward to supporting them to enable leading edge, innovative commerce experiences in .net marketplace."
About Falcon-Software

Falcon-Software Company is a privately held web agency, incorporated in the spring of 1993. With offices located in Dallas, Philadelphia, Seattle, Toronto, and Victoria, the company offers web-based consulting, marketing, designing, developing, implementation, and ongoing support services. Falcon-Software is specializing in Web content management and eCommerce solutions for mid-market and enterprise-level clientele in a variety of business sectors across North America.

About commercetools

commercetools GmbH was founded in 2006 by Dirk Hörig and Denis Werner. The company runs offices in Munich, Berlin Durham and New York and currently has about 100 employees. commercetools is one of the world's leading providers of cloud-based e-commerce technology. On the basis of their highly available platform, complex retail models across all sales channels and for all devices can be implemented. By means of an extensive e-commerce API, existing corporate processes and technologies are connected flexibly. In addition, the platform enables sustainable solutions for B2C and B2B retail. Since 2014 commercetools is a subsidiary of REWE Group with global leading customers like BRITA , Airfield and Carhartt. For more information, please visit



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