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New E-Commerce Vendor Partnership

commercetools restyles eCommerce; radically decreases development and operating costs,
while unleashing creativity.


VICTORIA, British Columbia — January 18th, 2016 — Falcon-Software Company, Inc., today announced the partnership with e-commerce vendor commercetools GmbH a leading provider of commerce-as-a-service solutions on a cloud-based platform. Founded by Dennis Werner and Dirk Hörig in 2006 with locations in Munich, Berlin and New York, commercetools is a unique platform that provides its core commerce features via open API targeting omnichannel strategies. Customers of commercetools include BRITA, Red Bull, REWE, DeinDeal and Koffer24. Since 2014, commercetools has been a wholly owned subsidiary of REWE Group.


The API interface-based platform enables maximum flexibility in the application and integration combined with high cost-efficiency, irrespective of the sales channel. The high-performance software works with all common programming languages and offers full scalability regardless of the number of products, customers or orders for all connected partners and front-ends at access times of less than 100 ms per request.

“We are extremely excited to be offering our clientele such a flexible and affordable e-commerce solution,” said Gary Eisenstein, Falcon-Software’s President and CSO.  “What makes Falcon-Software unique is that we offer IT implementation and integration services in multiple programming languages making the commercetools platform a perfect fit when combined with our core .NET or Java based web content management solutions,” says Eisenstein.

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