CMS-Connected recently published an article on When & Why to Upgrade Your CMS, which included an interview with Forrester’s Senior Analyst Mark Grannan and a poll that poses the question: What are the barriers to upgrading your current platform to the latest release?

To follow up and address the results of the poll Tech Reporter, Laura Myers sat down with Heather MacFayden, Vice President and Director of Production at Falcon-Software, to inquire about the prominent barriers selected in the poll.

How Long Since Your Last Upgrade?

CMS vendors consistently report that anywhere between 15 – 55% of their current clients are behind more than a year on upgrading their CMS, which is why we reached out to Forrester’s Senior Analyst Mark Grannan, to discuss why version upgrades are so important.

Deciding when and how to upgrade your CMS is not a decision to be taken lightly and often begs the question, if you don’t keep current with version upgrades, are you saving money or thrown money away?

Top Barriers to Upgrading your Current Platform to the Latest Release?

Complexity of the current system
No Support
Internal Governance issues

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CMS Vendors

8.2Latest Sitecore Version
9.2Latest Sitefinity Version
10Latest Kentico Version

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