Customer & Employee Engagement

We offer end-to-end support, helping you manage every aspect of your project and your organizations ability to execute your CRM or DAM initiatives, including integration into your ERP, CMS, eCommerce, digital marketing and other critical software applications. Falcon-Software also offers Intranet and Extranet Portal integration and deployment services using WCM platforms such as Kentico, e-Spirit, Sitefinity and Sitecore.

Our Specialized Engagement and Optimization Services:

  • Salesforce CRM Integration
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Intranet Design & Development
  • Extranet Portal Implementation
  • Assessment & Planning
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Online Behavior Tracking
  • Workplace Collaboration
  • Image & Video Management
  • 3rd Party Connector Integration
  • Cloud Support & Software Training
  • Post-Project Support & Maintenance


We’ve Got Your Salesforce Integration Needs Covered!

Effective integration of Salesforce with your enterprise systems, such as ERP, CMS, eCommerce, DAM and digital marketing applications, is critical to enabling your sales team, increasing revenue and better serving your customers. Falcon-Software’s Salesforce integration services are designed to help you manage and leverage the ever-increasing amount of data generated by your daily customer interactions, ensuring complete connectivity.

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Are you ready to start a conversation? Get In Touch

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