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The CMS-Connected site began as a way to simply share news and commentary from around the content management industry and in 5 short years, it has evolved into a significant and reputable informational resource for the digital business world through the use of engaging written and visual content.

Now the industry’s top news media resource

In the last two years, the website has seen a massive increase in traffic and engagement, truly setting an example for how one site can satisfy an array of interests in a multitude of ways, creating and sustaining an audience in both the B2B and B2C space in a number of vertical markets.

Venus Tamturk from CMS-Connected
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A few actions that helped the CMS-Connected team achieve their goals was to streamline the user experience of the site while keeping it robust, the integration of the engaging video content that sets them apart in their market using out of the box Kentico features and, an extensive and agile content strategy.

240% Traffic Increase from 2016
71% Organic Reach
2.5 Pages per Session

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