Sitefinity Cloud Success Story

Association of Legal Administrators Accelerates Digital Innovation with Sitefinity Cloud

As an organization driven by innovation, the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) is always looking to better engage its core audience and push boundaries with its digital experiences. Sitefinity Cloud frees ALA’s IT team from the burden of complex infrastructure management tasks, enabling them to deliver truly remarkable experience

Originally, was built on a proprietary CMS. The next iteration of the site ran Sitefinity on a web server. However, the underlying infrastructure that powers these experiences is equally important. This meant ALA needed to dedicate internal resources to support the infrastructure.

In an effort to help marketing work independently from IT, ALA switched to Progress Sitefinity Cloud. By offloading infrastructure management to Sitefinity Cloud, IT could focus more on mission-critical objectives instead of facilitating content changes.

The Sitefinity Solution

Sitefinity Cloud is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) CMS, hosted by Progress in Microsoft Azure. This enables organizations across industries to develop, run and manage secure, scalable digital experiences without maintaining the infrastructure.

ALA switched to Sitefinity Cloud for three key reasons:

  • Relieves the burden of managing the infrastructure
  • Simplifies upgrade to the latest Sitefinity version with the Automatic Upgrade feature
  • Gives ALA peace of mind, knowing that auto-scaling can handle heavy traffic fluctuations

With automatic upgrades, ALA can ensure they’re always running on the latest version of Sitefinity and taking advantage of the latest capabilities and performance enhancements. Being on the newest version allows the marketing team to capitalize on new personalization capabilities, delivering specific content to visitors based on their needs and inquiries.

 Working with the Sitefinity support team, ALA was able to migrate to Sitefinity Cloud seamlessly. In fact, the transition was completely invisible to end users in marketing, meaning they could continue to focus on their campaigns without disruption or downtime.

The Results for ALA

For years, businesses lived by the mantra, “don’t be afraid to be bold.” But in a world where digital experience has quickly become a top competitive differentiator, sentiment has shifted. Today’s businesses need to be afraid of not being bold enough — if you aren’t innovating, you aren’t competing.

Sitefinity enables ALA to focus on bringing these complex, large-scale digital projects to life. Both from a content perspective and an architecture perspective, ALA is able to iterate quickly and reinvent rapidly, utilizing CI/CD processes, to better serve site visitors and association members and deliver unique digital experiences.

ALA benefited from migrating to Sitefinity Cloud in several specific ways, including:

  • Significantly reduce the number of inquiries to IT, freeing up IT to work on critical projects
  • Improve site performance and load speed, delivering an always-on experience
  • Experiment with custom changes and integrations, without worrying about crashing the site
  • Enable marketing to manage content across multiple sites and deploy personalized experiences

"The flexibility of the Sitefinity architecture gives us 100% confidence we can fulfill any request, even if it’s not a core part of Sitefinity functionality.”

Steve Kenney, Senior Director of Operations at ALA.

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