We offer a wide array of specialized IT services tailored to enhance web content delivery. Our comprehensive capabilities encompass strategic project planning, creative web design, sophisticated site architecture, full stack development, seamless platform integration, and dedicated post-project support. Each service is designed to empower your digital presence and drive business success.

Enterprise Software image

Enterprise Software

Content Management Systems, Digital Experience Platform Solutions, Customer Relations Management, Intranet and Portal Solutions.

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Container Applications

Cloud Development for Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology, building, modernizing, and deploying applications at scale.

UI/UX Web Design image

UI/UX Web Design

Interface and Experience Design, Wireframing and Prototyping, Usability Testing, Accessibility, Responsive, Front-end Dev, Analytics and Optimization.

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B2B & G2B Digital Commerce

Strategy and Development, Payment Gateway and Multi-channel Integration, Data Security and Compliance, Analytics and Business Intelligence and Mobile Solutions.

Services We Offer

Falcon Software is trained, certified and experienced in deploying websites using the following IT services:

  • CMS and DXP Integration
  • CRM & Portal Solutions
  • Headless Systems
  • Software Development
  • Managed Web Services
  • B2B & G2B Commerce
  • Database Development
  • Container Orchestration
  • AI Search Applications
  • Website/Application Testing
  • Site Global & Localization
  • Multi-channel Delivery
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Accessibility & Compliance
  • Services and Support

AI powered Copilot Solutions

Redtail AI’s generative AI solution allows you to create and manage next-generation chatbots and modern AI applications called copilots. Beyond just answering questions, copilot acts as a personal digital assistant for your customers and prospects, guiding them through their journey, whether they’re seeking information or making online transactions. The generative AI reasoning engine allows your team to automate workflows without the need to build decision-tree logic or have an intent engine. Learn more about our Generative AI platform solution.

Our Industry Expertise

Understanding our clients and their specific business requirements is crucial for our success. Below is a compilation of the business sectors where we have gained extensive expertise over the last 30 years.

British Columbia Parliament Building

Government Sector

Featured Project: Designed, developed, and deployed UI/UX design services, CMS, CRM, business applications, multi-lingual solutions, for various ministries within the Government of British Columbia and Alberta.

Healthcare nurse reviewing patient charts on a tablet.

Healthcare Sector

Featured Project: Website strategy, development, CMS implementation and ongoing support services for HealthStream and their sister company VerityStream.

A hand holding a phone with the Microsoft Bing website on the screen.

Technology Sector

Featured Project: Website design, CMS solution, business applications and ongoing support for Microsoft Bing and TAP.


Professional Services Sector

Featured Project: Designed, developed, and deployed UI/UX design services, CMS and CRM solution, business applications, and ongoing support services for KPMG’s digital transformation services division.

Brandt Industries truck

Automotive Sector

Featured Project: Designed and deployed a consumer website, dealer portal and ERP integrations for Brandt Tractor and Brandt Industries.

Washington State University sign

Educational Sector

Featured Project:Designed, developed, and deployed a CMS solution and user training sessions for Washington State University.

Two men in power plant reading a chart.

Energy Sector

Featured Project: Website business strategy, UI/UX design, CMS Implementation and integration services for Benton Public Utility District.

Financial, mobile online banking

Financial Sector

Featured Project: Website design and integration services including youth games and teen money management tips for Advancial Federal Credit Union.

Industrial wire and cable spools.

Industrial B2B Sector

Featured Project: Digital commerce business strategy, CMS solution, ERP integration and ongoing support services for Electrical Cable Supply.

Platforms We Expertly Deploy

At Falcon Software, we leverage extensive expertise across a broad spectrum of digital platforms. Our seasoned team excels in implementing industry-leading solutions in CMS, CRM, DXP, search, and eCommerce. Our team’s proficiency in these technologies ensures that we deliver innovative, scalable, and robust digital solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Here are some of the cutting-edge technologies we routinely work with:

  • ai12z (AI search & chatbots)
  • commercetools (B2B commerce)
  • Contentful (CMS platform)
  • Crownpeak (CMS & DXP)
  • Dynamics 365 (business applications)
  • Drupal (CMS & DXP)
  • Elasticsearch (search)
  • HubSpot (marketing)
  • Kentico (CMS & DXP)
  • OpenAI (AI & custom GPTs)
  • Salesforce (CRM)
  • Progress Sitefinity (CMS & DXP)
  • SharePoint (document management)
  • Sitecore (CMS & DXP)
  • WordPress (CMS & commerce)